OPINION: 2023: Tinubu Respects Osinbajo’s Loyalty

As the debate for who succeeds President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023 becomes more heated, a few play it very maturely and objectively, while attempts by various social media influencers to act under the guise of analysis, free speech and supposed objectivity in political analysis to insult and defame the person of Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo is a thing of concern.

These people, as usual and as expected, awfully tie their narratives of the Vice President with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Individuals who were not in the know about how the duo built their relationship of true friendship and brotherhood have arrived to tell us what happens within their inboxes, personal lives and inner cycles. They simply assume, guess, speculate and lie to drive home their dead points and missions.

These influencers pride themselves as analysts, data miners and strategists. However, they represent everything antithetical to these qualities.

Drawing relevance and insights from the past, the categories of these influencers are better referred to as opposition influencers. They deliver the clear messages of the opposition camp who are their sponsors, bankrolling them and giving them heavy promises should the imaginary happen in 2023. They only show up under different guises and nomenclatures.

Many of the comments, analyses and predictions prior to 2015 and in the buildup to 2019 general elections failed woefully. Likewise, we have read their half-baked narratives and manipulation of true events to represent something else. Glaringly pictured in various states gubernatorial elections held within the years of APC governance and oversights in the country, how did it end? Woefully! It failed!

Osinbajo Support Movement (OSM) simply asks them to get serious and stop insulting the intelligence of their readers. Analyses are not done on computer keyboard but on the field. Genuine political projections, predictions and analysis are revealed only by real actors, players and the electorates, Nigerians. Reasonable and serious-minded individuals should be moved and concerns by facts and analysis guided by real data, humans, actors and doers, not otherwise.

Nigerians should simply reject any mere speculations, most often accompanied by envy and hate motivated comments.

All assemblies guided by envy, hate, disapproval with sound, intellectual and modern ways of politics are meant to end in doom. At the same time, advice coming from opposition corners, who had wished this country and her leaders the worst should never be taken seriously, Nigerians should not.

Spectators should remain who they are, spectators. Commentators should be guided with facts and verifiable indices, open truths and clear verdicts borne out of accomplished and time-tested reviews. Actors should be given breathing space to act.

Prof Yemi Osinbajo’s personality is unequal with none other. He is busy with governance and delivering the mandate of the APC-led federal government. He is a reasonable, responsible and loyal man that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu remains proud of all the time and respect. When, how and where the two leaders interact is not the business of political noise makers and these opposition influencers. Their brand of politics is rarely for showoff. They are very uncommon. We understand this will bread resentment, however, we ask them to deal with it.

 Vice President Yemi  Osinbajo exhibits  high level of decorum and intellectualism,and is focused on his duties  and responsibilities as a loyal person.  He is a  God-fearing man that acknowledges and understands the virtues of gratitude and respect to those ahead of him and below.

On a final note, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Prof Yemi Osinbajo are a cold fusion of two universal elements, identical in weight, ideologies and personality. United they stand.  An unsplittable atom of Nigeria politics.

Mr Liberty Olawale Badmus  is the National Convener, Osinbajo Support Movement (OSM)

Disclaimer: This article is entirely the opinion of the writer and does not represent the views of The Whistler.

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