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PenCom Probe And The Public Interest

There is something about legislative probe in Nigeria that is scary. The lawmakers turn the principle of justice which presumes an accuse innocent until proven guilty upside down. To some of our legislators, oversight investigations means!-->…

Atiku Is A Citizen By Birth

Atiku is legally deemed a citizen of Nigeria by BIRTH, pursuant to the following: 1.. The legal instrument with which Northern Cameroon was included in Nigeria on May 31, 1961; 2.. Section 10 of the (repealed) 1963 Republican!-->!-->!-->!-->!-->…

Abubakar Malami’s Magnum Opus

Now that elections are over and President Muhammadu Buhari has announced an imminent change of cabinet, it is time for every minister to take stock and set new agenda whether they are retained or not. But one minister that demanded my!-->!-->!-->…
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