Oshiomole Is Killing Social Activities In Benin – Group

A socio-political group in Edo State, The Solution, has cautioned Governor Adams Oshiomole not to further emasculate the people by his anti-economic directive banning social activities in the Government Reserved Area.

Recently, the Edo State Government placed a ban on social activities in the GRA, citing security reasons.


However, in a statement Wednesday in Abuja, National Publicity Secretary of The Solution, Elder Osaretin Imeware, described the move as anti-people and a move to crumble social economic-activities in the state.

Imeware observed that social activities are part of the peoples’ culture and offers opportunity for community bonding, stressing that “what the directive amounts to is tyranny by an overzealous governor who wants to impose his will on how people live their lives even when they have not breached any law.”

According to the spokesperson of the group, Governor Oshiomole should rather concern himself on how to redeem his poor rating amongst the people as well as seek how to create the enabling environment for the people to thrive economically, rather than restrict businesses in very austere economic times.

“It is rather shocking that with serious downturn in the economy, Governor Oshiomole who prides himself as a ‘comrade’ will seek to destroy peoples businesses and invariably, families by his wrongheaded directive banning social activities in GRA.

“What any sensible leader will do is to engender a more pragmatic and progressive climate for businesses to thrive by empowering security agencies to check crime. But what we have in Edo State is the reverse as the governor says we can no longer socialize, build businesses and live happily.


“By now, there is no doubt that Edo people will know they have been scammed by Oshiomole as protest continues almost every week against his anti-people, anti-progress and anti-development policies. The good thing, is, the Solution is near.”


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