Osinachi: Husband, Twin Sister Of Late Singer Broke Down In Tears During Court Proceedings

Peter, husband to late gospel artist Osinachi Nwachukwu, was in tears before the High Court sitting in Abuja on Tuesday as the deceased’s sister testified to her maltreatment.

It was an emotional moment in court as the deceased’s twin, Amarachi, and some of her family members were also crying while she narrated her side of the story.

She said her sister, who was married 14 years ago, later left her husband’s house to stay with her parents for over a year.

According to her, her late sister told her father and mother that her husband wanted her dead.

She said the husband later returned to beg, claiming he had changed.

During the marriage, someone once gave N40,000 to Osinachi but her husband collected the money, beat and called her a prostitute,” Amarachi told the court.

“My sister used to get money but she can’t get access to it.

“The beating contributed to what my sister was passing through,” she said.

She added that she once visited her but she begged her to go back .

“I told my sister, I love you.

“As we went out to the National Hospital, I saw the husband and told him I was going and he asked me who gave me the right to go and see her children in school,” she said.

“Who is Osinachi? Is Osinachi the mother of my children?,” the husband asked her, according to the twin sister.

As she spoke, the deceased husband started crying.

Osinachi’s sister was also in tears.

The judge paused a beat until Peter stopped his tears and Osinachi’s twin was asked to continue her testimony.

“One part of my body was paining me and I told my mother that I could not comprehend how I was feeling.

“I told my mother that what I was feeling in my body was strange.

“That day I brought out my phone to call my sister but I remembered she said I should not call her.

“The person I called told me that Osinachi wanted me to cook fried rice for her.

“In the evening someone called me on the phone that what news are they hearing? I said what do they mean?

“I later called the person to go to the hospital.

“I told my mother to hold her heart that I’m hearing something,” she said.

According to her, it was at that time she was told that her sister was dead.

After her testimony, the judge adjourned the case to July 15 for continuation of hearing.

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