Oyedepo Takes Swipe At Buhari Again: We See Budgets Without Projects

The senior pastor of Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo, has taken another swipe at the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari for allegedly coming up with budgets every year without delivering projects.

Speaking Thursday night while delivering a sermon titled “Unveiling the Dominion Power of Faith” on the third day of the 2018 Shiloh exercise, Oyedepo wondered if the Federal Government was waiting on men of God to bring money from the Church for the development of the country.

He said, “We only see budgets, we don’t see projects.”


He also recalled an alleged promise made by the current administration before it assumed power, saying they promised that “Nigeria will have power in three months”.

The Bishop asked the congregation if they have seen the promises and the entire church shouted “No!!!”

He said, “Now Abuja will have ocean, they will dig ocean there. We didn’t see the one of last year; we didn’t see the one for this year. Or will you take church money if I give you? Not as I live, not even when I’m gone because prophets would produce themselves.”


Oyedepo declared that many children of God will go into politics after the order of Daniel in the Bible and set their generations free.

“May every child of God going into politics be anointed as a Daniel for their generation,” said the Bishop, “not closed mouth ‘Jeun Jeun’ people,” he said, referring to conventional politicians in the country today.


He further stressed that, “But I can tell you by the spirit of God that an army of Daniels will be rising across the nations.”

Oyedepo said, “If you tell some people to denounce Jesus to have a political appointment, they will. It they tell some politicians to go and set fire on their church, they will. Is that the kind of people we’re looking for?

“They talk about the church and you keep mute, they’re killing you people and you can’t talk? What kind of siege are you under?” an angry Oyedepo asked.

The Bishop also spoke on the killings going on country. He said many unfolding events in the political landscape of the country recently were as a result of a recent seven-day prayer called by Living Faith Church and which many churches subscribed to.

“This church has never proclaimed a seven–day fast in quick succession and many churches and ministries got into it,” adding that, “All the unfolding events now are as a result of the prayers.”


The Bishop said, “When the church prays against you, you can’t escape. May you be where the church will be praying for you,” adding that, “Prayer can never become contraband” in Nigeria. He stated that the Church will continue to pray against strange forces militating against the progress of the country.

“They’re facing problems with me, but their real problems are those coming after me. The problems they can’t recover from,” said Oyedepo, adding that “The devils won’t have rest as long as we live.”


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