Pandemonium As Voters Allege Plans To Rig Elections, Surround Vehicle Carrying Electoral Materials

There was a slight pandemonium at Nyanya Gbagyi 005 polling unit in Karu local government area of Nassarawa state, as eligible voters besieged and surrounded the vehicle carrying electoral materials.

With shouts of “we must vote, we must vote “, the voters, mostly young people and elderly men and women, surrounded the vehicle, alleging that the materials are either thumb printed or fake, noting that they must see the contents of the materials first before they will be brought out for use.

They further said whether the commission delays the voting process or not they are ready to wait and vote.


An elderly man possibly in his early sixties who preffered anonymity , decried the crude manner in which elections are being conducted in the country. He said in other climes the method adopted there usually save voters the unnecessary stress and pain undergone by voters.

Another man in his fifties who preferred to be addressed as Baba Sarah, alleged that the late arrival of electoral materials and voting was a deliberate plan to rig the election in favour of one political party, because it is known that the polling unit in question is a stronghold of the opposition.

While the voters were waiting under the sun, without any sign of accreditation and voting, the Commandant of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence, A. A Muhammed arrived the polling unit to access the level of the exercise.


It is observed that voters have become agitated and alleging that it is a deliberate ploy of the government in power to disenfranchise voters.

Accreditation and voting is yet to commence despite arrival of electoral materials as at the time of filing this report.


Voters At Nyanya Polling Unit


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