Pastor Adeboye Preaches ‘Overflowing Blessings’ Hours After Losing Son

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, on Thursday evening ministered at the monthly holy communion service of the church.

The service is usually held a day before the monthly Holy Ghost Service which comes up every first Friday of the month.

Adeboye, who lost his son, Pastor Dare, on Tuesday, shook off the grief to minister at the service held on Thursday evening and aired on Dove TV, the television channel of the church.

The RCCG GO, whose sermon was titled ‘Overflowing Blessings’, read from the book of John 6 verses 5 -13.

He said, “My prayer for you tonight is that as you partake of this table, your blessing will begin to overflow.”

The preacher prayed that blessings and healing virtues would begin to flow in the lives of the people as they took the communion.

He said Apostle Paul in the Bible was not a disciple of Jesus when he gave the disciples the holy communion but he also experienced the same power when he took it.

He said further, “From Bible record those who took the communion did not have cause to be sick. After drinking the wine and taking the bread, they began to display the power of God everywhere they went. They began to perform miracles.

“Peter took the wine and power began to flow to others through him. Those who ate the bread never fell sick. Not a single record of those who ate the bread and drank the wine that fell sick in the Bible.”

“He partook of the bread and then he began to spread the bread of life. He drank the wine and his anointing overflowed to his handkerchief and apron. He was not there at the beginning but he experienced the same result those who were there experienced.

“The result is still the same as when the Lord started it. The bread of life will bring healing. As you drink the wine, you are drinking of the holy spirit.

“That is why I keep crying to you, the holy communion is a sacred meal. It carries the same power as that meal that Jesus gave his disciple. He is already at the head of the table waiting for those who are yet to be born again to come and be part of the meal.”

The late pastor Dare Adeboye was said to have died in his sleep in Eket, Akwa Ibom State, where he was the youth provincial pastor.

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