Pastor ‘Angry’ At Valentine!

Valentine’s Day is a day set aside by the Catholic Church to show love to others in remembrance of Saint (St.) Valentine who expressed true love through sacrifice. But a pastor of the Apostolic Church is angry that people have turned Valentine into a celebration for lovers.

The pastor, who spoke to THE WHISTLER, said Valentine has been abused as it’s no longer the picture that St. Valentine brought but now a worldly celebration.

Pastor. Samuel Jacob Edon of the Apostolic Church Of Nigeria PW, Kubwa Branch explains:

“Valentine is more or less a Catholic celebration we just adopted. It is not scriptural and the celebrations do not move me, the only thing that moves me is Easter, for it helps me to remember the cross.

“I will say February 14 has been abused because it is supposed to be a time to show love to the poor, the less privileged and the needy and not a boyfriend, girlfriend stuff.


“But these days you get to see people anticipating Val celebration because of their boyfriends or girlfriends but not the love of Christ.”

The cleric, however, pointed out that people have turned Valentine into a give and take celebration whereas it is supposed to be a day you give without expecting anything in return.

“There are some people who have no parental love, like the motherless home and the less privilege, hospitals and even the prison.

“I was happy when I went to federal medical centre and I saw a write up that said ‘give your offering to the poor patients in the hospital’, so that is Valentine, showing Gods love to one another.”

Edon further said to the church that Valentine is supposed to be a service of love but it has been abused, adding that church members don’t even come for the service because they are either in a club, party or the bear parlour.


“this period, instead of people joining their faith to share love in their churches you will you see, little girls and boys hanging out and some of the girls, fortunately, don’t sleep in their parents houses because they want to go for Val party which results in pregnancy, because they believe that is where they will show love to their boyfriends.”
Valentine is celebrated every 14th February in memory of Saint Valentine who died on 14 February, 269 AD

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