PHOTO: Dino Melaye Dumped On The Floor Outside DSS Medical Facility

Senator Dino Melaye, the federal lawmaker representing Kogi West Senatorial District in the National Assembly, was allegedly abandoned on the floor outside a medical facility belonging to the Department of State Services (DSS).

THE WHISTLER reports that some masked police officers were said to have forcefully whisked Senator Melaye away from his hospital bed at a police medical facility in Abuja and driven in an unmarked vehicle to an undisclosed location on Friday.

But emerging reports indicate that the police may have driven the federal lawmaker to the DSS medical facility in Abuja where he was said to have refused admission.

He was seen in a photo circulating the social media lying on floor.

The incidents follow the siege laid to Senator Melaye’s Maitama residence by the police after the federal lawmaker earlier alleged that the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, planned on allegedly ordering his arrest and assassination by injection.


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  1. tk samuel says

    what would warrant a serving senator to be treated like an offended goat in a village market day. it so sad that the current government has decide to treat it citizens as slaves, one thing is certain everybody that escort people to the cementry will also be there some day. God is the only right judge. DSS ,Police,Amry etc you all are on a queue too to ur graves as well.

  2. nexton says

    it’s very bad for police dropping him on the ground like a common criminal

  3. Oluwole Oduneye says

    It is sad that in the year 2019 we will be treated with falsehood like this. The writer of this piece should have some respect for idiots like me who read this kind of fake news. Who are the people in the background? Where did the mat come from? Who owns the items in the in the picture? Is the DSS clinic accessible to all comers? This is fake news.

  4. Samuel John says

    all are tricks and comedy to escape justice ,Dino is far better then Odunlade Adekola when it comes to been a jester ! what us the nature of the unnecessarily vocal Senator , the sympathizers are irrational about their inglorious comments Dino is faking his sickness like Olisa Menhu ,Fayose etc , he’s hale and hearty ! Let the DSS or Police seek for Court intervention about his fake health challenges , These are not the leaders Nigerians are yawning and clamouring for ,They will only leads us astray ! people deceiving people ! what a national calamity ? Nigerian Leaders are making jest of democracy ! We are not ripe to be independent !

  5. tamil says

    No matter d DRAMA Dino acts, he must surely be brought to justice. We cannot continue to have in leadership positions people who lacks personal dignity and makes mockery of d office they are elected to occupy. Why is it that he is always running away from being arraigned in court. Nigerians already had overdose of Dinos theatrics and he has lost their sympathy. Let him be made to account for his actions.

  6. Rexolala says

    Nigerians’ are still very primitive in action and attitudinal nature. Some commenting against and for, in which ever way you comment, remember life first. Dino melaye should be arrested, he should be kill, he should be humiliated. In which ever way reason, remember somebody is happy while some are not. So many things had happened in this country even higher or lesser than Dono’s. Why are politician playing Nigerian to gallery? Many had been killed in Benue, Jos, taraba, zamfara even presently a seating governor has to weeped in Aso Rock because of the killing in kastina, even when the people are visible and can even come out to media to make some confirmable statement no body has been arrested, police seems not to be awear of what’s happening because they are doing what the government expected and they are above the law of this country, those who want Dino dead wear not in this country. APC campaign rally in Lagos was characterized with gun shot but if is another political parties, those involved would have been chased to forest. What is going on in this country? You chase people around for what is literarily happening in your bedroom. If what is good for the guess is good for the ganger, the police, Dss and whoever is responsible in Dino’s humiliation should release him or better still , should go and arrest other who has committed same crime in the past. I think I am gradually believing what some people say that ‘Nigeria is a Zoo’ I is very obvious that APC is bet on destroying this country.

  7. Danjuma Muhammad says

    The lawmakers(?) is the architect of his ordeal or misadventure. Instead of surrendering to lawful authorities over his role in attempted killing of policeman, he tried to politicise the issue to Garner sympathy as he also did whenever he committed unlawful acts as if he’s above the law.This serves him right and a warning to any lawmaker thinking he has immunity from arrest after committing criminal act

  8. double 07 says

    He is a big fool, he has big mouth to talk n he can’t stand d words he said he is a shame to his family fool.

  9. Esegiri says

    Your CommentThat is a trick to escape justice, police should prosecute him.

  10. anim says

    Your Comment
    of course he will deny treatment when he is not sick,he is only pretending And trying to escape justice,.

  11. wuese Japhet says


  12. Momoh says

    Is he the only Senator in .Nigeria? Nuisance.

  13. Momoh says

    “Dino Melaye Dumped On The Floor Outside DSS Medical Facility”. But thewhistler, you people know the antecedents of Dino Melaye. He couldn’t have been dumped in the health facility. He has a penchant for making noise over every issue.