Police Officers Who Reject COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Sacked – IGP

Police officers in Maylasia have been warned that they risked dismissal from the force if they failed to submit themselves for vaccination against COVID-19.

The Inspector-General of Police, Abdul Hamid Bador, issued the warning on Friday, reports Malaysian news agency, Bernama.

Bador told the medium that about 95% of police officers in the country had expressed readiness to receive the COVID-19 jabs.

He, however, warned that a few of the officers refusing to take the vaccine would be kicked out of the force.

“I will try to explain to the remaining two percent of our personnel on the importance and advantages of taking the vaccine as advised by the MOH (Ministry of Health).

“Our source of reference is the MOH, not a shaman or any deviant scholar. If I ever found out that they (police personnel) are following deviant teachings (and refuse to take the vaccine), I will ask them to leave the police force,” Bador was quoted to have said.

The police chief said only pregnant female personnel and those with health conditions would be exempted from the vaccination.

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