Police React As Resident Recounts How He Escaped Being Butchered By Kidnappers Wearing Military Uniforms

The Lagos Police Command on Thursday reacted to a viral video of a resident of the state who recounted his ordeal with suspected kidnappers dressed in military uniforms.


The two minutes, fifty seconds video shared by @RealOlaudah showed the victim bleeding through his mouth and nose as he revealed the failed attempt by the criminals to take his life.

The resident who did not disclose his name said he boarded a vehicle at the Lekki-Ikoyi axis of the state unknown to him was operated by suspected ritualists.

A few miles away, he said the other eight passengers were already asleep, indicating that they had been hypnotised but noted, the criminals still had their nose masks on.

The 45-year-old victim who claimed to have fortified himself “as an African man” said the criminals subsequently threatened to butcher him since he did not fall asleep like the rest passengers.

He noted that all plead to them to cart away his possessions and let him go, fell on deaf ears. “I told them, this is my ATM, you can empty it…but they refused and they said the only place I am going to come down is where they will dagger me and pieces me,” he said.

The victim narrated further: “Because they saw that I was shouting, they veered off the road and went to the place that leads to Adeniji Underbridge. It was pitch dark. They brought me out and started using knives, cutlasses, and different things on me.

“Because they saw that I was shouting, they veered off the road and went to the place that leads to Adeniji Underbridge. It was pitch dark. They brought me out and started using knives, cutlasses and different things on me.


“Now I am fortified. I am an African. I don’t take chances. I don’t take things for granted. So when they saw the stabbing attempts, that the knife was not entering; their dagger, their kitchen knife, their cutlass, they tried to cut me. About three of them held my neck, another two held my hand to the back. They put a knife on my neck to try and slash my neck and slaughter me but it wasn’t penetrating.

“I heard their leader telling them in Hausa that they should put me down and use their boot to crush my head. About three of them were wearing army uniforms. About six of them held my hand and legs, two were using their boots to hit my eyes, hit my nose, they just wanted to knock me out.

“After some minutes, I just realized I was getting dizzy and I was about to faint and once that happens, these people will take me and do whatever they want. So, I reached out for my bag which was on the floor and nobody noticed. I took out the knife and started waving it in different directions, so it cut one of them in the tummy.

“His tummy got burst, another one in the eye and they started bleeding profusely. Their leader was now like they have gotten the remaining ones who are asleep, let them carry them and deliver them and that they should leave me.”

The resident warned Lagos Residents in Lekki to remain vigilant to avoid falling victim.

Reacting to the report, the Lagos Police Spokesperson Ben Hundeyin said the command was not of the presence of such criminals in Lekki, one of the state’s high-brow areas.

Hundeyin said an in-depth investigation has commenced, and the command will leave no stone unturned towards ensuring the safety and security of all residents and visitors to the state.

“All human, material and operational resources have been duly and optimally deployed to achieve this. We appreciate Lagosians for always saying something when they see something. We encourage more of this. Together, we’ll keep Lagos State safe for all and sundry,” the Spokesperson said in a series of tweets.

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