Prostate Cancer: Why Should It Matter To Every Man?

I always see them run to the school farm at the back of our classroom, I didn’t quite get what they were up to. But because Kizito was involved, I knew they must be up to something mischievous. Out of curiosity, I tracked them to the school farm one day. In what appears to be a small clearing in the farm, I saw the five of them, pants pulled down, measuring ruler in their hands, as I drew closer, I observed that Kizito was measuring the length of their penises.

We were in JSS 1, but we already recognized the enormous ego that comes with the size of one’s phallus. The next time I saw Kizito leading another set of boys to the farm, I followed them with betted anticipation with my ruler in my back pocket. I was glad when mine was measured and proclaimed to be “standard” size (LOL…whatever that means.) Kizito advised me to be applying some spatter of local gin or alcohol on my pubic areas to facilitate the growth of hairs around that patch. An advice I ignorantly heeded.

As the years roll by, and we became sexually active and the penis becomes more than a urinary tool or an object of childish obsession, it becomes imperative that we understand the risks we face as men. The most common questions I hear guys ask about their dicks are: How do I make it bigger? Does size matter? What size of penis do women want most? Good questions, but there are more important questions that matter.

Prostate cancer is the single most common cancer in men. It’s also the second deadliest cancer, behind only to lung cancer. So, if you’re a man — and a Negro for that matter — you should be aware of how to prevent this malignant menace. 2014 projections for Nigeria indicate that there will be 233,000 new cases and 19,000 deaths!

Unfortunately, however, proper prevention might mean denying yourself of things that you as a man enjoy: red meats, beers and fried foods. However, it is consoling to note that studies conducted in the past few years indeed suggest that ejaculation achieved by either sex or masturbation protects against prostate cancer. Ejaculation does this by allowing the prostate to clear itself of carcinogens. Thank me later for this info.

Again, endeavour to eat plenty of cooked tomatoes with garlic. Cooked tomatoes are full of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer in men.

It’s no secret that aerobic exercise is one of the most powerful preventers of disease. As human beings, we are meant to be active. Exercise improves fluid circulation, boosts the immune system and increases energy levels. So ensure you find a means of working-out.


Guys, we should stop putting off getting our prostate checked, it may be too late before we realize it. Heed this advice like I heeded Kizitos!


Written by Young Ozogwu


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