PSG To Face Real Madrid In Round Of 16 After Champions League Redraw

Paris Saint-Germain have been drawn to face Real Madrid after the French club was initially billed to face Manchester United in the round-16 of the UEFA Champions League.

Manchester United will now face lesser opposition, Atletico Madrid.

Atletico had previously drawn Bayern Munich, while Madrid were to play against Benfica.

The round of 16 will be split across different weeks as the first legs will take place on February 15-16 and February 22-23.

The second legs will be held on March 8-9 and March 15-16.

Full List Of Champions League last-16 Draw

Salzburg vs Bayern Munich

Sporting Lisbon vs Manchester City

Benfica vs Ajax

Chelsea vs Lille

Atletico Madrid vs Manchester United

Villarreal vs Juventus

Inter Milan vs Liverpool

Paris Saint-Germain vs Real Madrid

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  1. real madrid says

    Papa Flo sipping his tea after y’all dragged him for wanting something new!