Retired Colonel, Children Still In Captivity Over Inability To Raise N50m Ransom

Retired Colonel Rabi’u Yandoto, his friend Isuhu and two children, abducted along Tsafe – Gusau Road, Zamfara State are still in captivity over ransom payment.


Yandoto, a former Zamfara road traffic agency (ZAROTA) commandant and his associates were abducted on their way to Yandoton Daji town in the Tsafe local government area of the state on New Year’s night.

The assailants also abducted other travellers during the operation.

Sources quoted by Punch disclosed that the captors demanded N50m for their freedom, which was negotiated to N5m and family members are currently making efforts to gather funds to expedite their release.

THE WHISTLER contacted the State’s police spokesperson, Muhammed Shehu on Tuesday who did not react to the issue of ransom, but said the command was making efforts to rescue the victims unconditionally.

“We cannot expose the strategies of our operation as it will jeopardise the ongoing mission to rescue the victims,” Shehu told this website in a phone conversation.


He disclosed that before the incident, the State’s Commissioner of Police, Kolo Yusuf led a patrol team along the Tsafe – Gusau road, and after it occurred a police tactical team was deployed to conduct a stop-and-search operation along the road.

“It was that operation that led to the recent rescue of 20 victims along that axis. They were brought to the command, debriefed and they were taken to the hospital for a check-up.

Some of the abducted victims, rescued by operatives of the Zamfara police command on January 5, 2023. Source: Police

“The rescue operation is intense and the CP is making efforts to ensure that others are rescued,” he added.

The Tsafe – Gusau road, which is a 30 minutes drive to the capital city, has witnessed growing records of abduction for ransom despite police operations on that axis.


This paper learnt that commuters now resort to over-speeding due to fear of kidnappers.


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