REVEALED: See The Queen That Snatched Sholaye Jeremy From Linda Ikeji



When foremost blogger Linda Ikeji revealed in a lengthy post on Instagram why she chose to have a child out of wedlock by her ex-lover Sholaye Jeremi, many wondered why the couple fell-out almost immediately after their relationship started.

Scores of close watchers were expecting the wedding bells to ring for Linda Ikeji but it turned out that she would just settle with the role of being a single mum at least for now after Sholaye Jeremy refused to walk down the aisle with her.

New reports have emerged as to why Sholaye decided not to tie the knots with Ms Ikeji as he is said to be in a sizzling romance with Elohor Aisien- a hardworking mother of two kids whose marriage to Owen Aisien crashed in the year 2015.


Reports say Sholaye and Elohor (an ex-beauty queen, won Miss Nigeria UK several years ago) are an item and are smitten with each other.

According to a source in the know, Sholaye Jeremi is even very close to Elohor’s two kids who are not spared love by their step-dad-to-be as he dots on them and helps with their school work whenever he is around.

“The love shared by Sholaye and Elohor cannot be discerned by the ordinary mind,” a source close to the couple revealed.

“There are many reasons why Sholaye loves Elohor—she is an introvert, talks less and not known to display her private life on social media like Linda Ikeji and her siblings do,” the source added.

Recall that Linda Ikeji once confirmed that Sholaye never wanted publicity, hence his resolve to initially dump her.


Last December, Linda Ikeji confirmed that Sholaye is actually the father of her son Jayce and also noted that she was no longer with her son’s father and quoting her exactly, Linda said in the post that; “Unfortunately he and I are a completely closed character.”

According to Linda Ikeji, she got pregnant for Sholaye because she was led by her heart and her clock was ticking even though she has no regrets about the decision she made.

The now mother of one said she first met Sholaye at an exquisite restaurant some-time in the year 2015 and they both got along almost immediately because of the impression he gave her.

Linda Ikeji later revealed in the post that their fairy tale relationship started having cracks when she told her lover that she was pregnant with his baby.

She said their relationship began to nose-dive almost immediately she got pregnant as Sholaye Jeremi couldn’t come around the fact that he’ll all so soon be having a baby by her.


According to the successful blogger, it is sad for their son that she is no longer with his dad because they are both a completely closed chapter but she hopes to meet a great guy soon.


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