Ronaldo to Receive $22 Million After he Was Turned Down From Acting in a Movie

Real Madrid Striker, Cristiano Ronaldo is set to earn about $22 million after he was dropped from featuring in a Martin Scorsese’s movie, ‘The Manipulator’.

Ronaldo’s penthouse apartment in New York, is due to be used by the movie’s producers during shooting and as part of the deal, he was given a cameo.


But the movie director, Alessandro Proto, an Italian real estate agent and the inspiration behind the ’50 Shades of Grey’ series, objected to Ronaldo being in the film.

Proto was worried that the Portuguese football captain would be too much of a distraction to the film, and a settlement with Ronaldo’s lawyers will now see the Portuguese legend get 20 million euros for getting dropped.

The Italian was quoted by Gazzetta World: “Ronaldo is a great player, but that doesn’t mean he is the king of the world.

“I don’t want him in a film about my life. Martin Scorsese is in agreement with me. Cristiano Ronaldo is not going to be in the film.

“I am sorry if he doesn’t feel valued, but in life you win some and you lose some. If I really have to give him €20million, I will give it to him with my own hands.”


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