Sagay Blows Hot On Saraki’s Defection

Professor Itse Sagay


The chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, Professor Itse Sagay has said Senate president Bukola Saraki’s defection from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) was a positive development for the party.

Describing him as a “bad blood in the APC,” Sagay said it was a good thing that Saraki has been flushed out.

He recalled that Saraki got into the senate “by subterfuge,” adding that he formed alliance with the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to torture the APC.


He, therefore, said the senate president’s exit will make the APC stronger.

Sagay speaking to Independent said: “It is a cleansing process. To me, with Saraki’s exit, the last bad blood in the APC has been flushed out. So, the APC is strengthened and is not going to be pulled down.

“This man right from the beginning was the source of all the problems of APC. The way he got into the presidency of the senate by subterfuge, by selling off APC’s deputy senate presidency position in senate and then forming alliance with the opposition PDP to torture the government of his own party and betray them left, right and centre.

“He has been a terrible millstone on the neck of APC. So, with his exit, APC will be lighter, stronger and better positioned and be free from internal enemy.”


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