Saudi Govt Donates $1m Medical Equipment To Tackle COVID-19 In Nigeria

Federal Government has received medical equipment worth $1m from the Saudi Arabia government to strengthen fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

The Saudi Ambassador to Nigeria, Faisal Ebraheem, who handed the equipment over to the Federal Government, said that the donation was to affirm the Kingdom’s commitment to enhancing the relations between both countries.

The equipment received included: 23 ventilators, 25, 000 surgical sterile gowns, 125, 000 non-sterile surgical gowns, 188, 000, KN95 face masks, 1, 606, 700 surgical masks, and 9,500 nitrile gloves.

He said, “This is in order to combat the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the medical equipment includes 23 ventilators, which are a key component in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Other items include 25, 000 surgical sterile gowns; 125, 000 non-sterile surgical gowns; 188, 000, KN95 face masks; 1, 606, 700 surgical masks, and 9,500 nitrile gloves.

“This is not the first time the Kingdom has contributed to the health sector in Nigeria.”

He disclosed that there are other plans for a 12- month medical campaign.

According to him, 11 of these campaigns are for combating blindness and its causes in the country, while the other campaign will involve catheterization and heart surgery.

“This phase of the medical campaign is planned for Kano and Bauchi states, and the target number is 50,000 with 4,000 of them related to cataract and glaucoma operations.

“Also, we will see the distribution of 10, 000 medical glasses, and dispensing of necessary medicines.

“It also targets 70, 000 catheterization and heart surgeries.

“The subsequent phase will look into specialized surgeries. The South-South and South-East geo-political zones will be in view in terms of this phases,” he said.

He also noted that the Saudi Kingdom through King Salman Al Saud’s Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre, in collaboration with Al-Basar International Foundation, had launched a Voluntary Medical Campaign for Combatting blindness in Nigeria.

“About 8000 patients suffering from cataract and glaucoma, in addition to other sight weaknesses and disorders were diagnosed and treated.

“694 surgeries were done. More than 1,000 medical glasses were distributed to patients.

“These treatments were administered by consultants, surgeons, and ophthalmologists,” he said.

He added that the Kingdom planned to organize a 12-month voluntary medical campaign.

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