Scientist Invents Testicle Cooler To Fight Male Infertility

In a country like Nigeria still fed on its traditional values and expectations in marriages, infertility is a problem many men are unwilling to share, except with close ones.

Infertility in men (accounting for 30% of cases) usually relates to the inability to produce sperm due to high temperatures in the testes, illnesses or one’s lifestyle and it usually comes with pains or swelling in the testicle area.

However, to manage the problem, medical researchers from Poland created a cooler called ‘CoolMen to keep a man’s joystick safe.

The product which cost N130, 538 (£280) reportedly cools the testicles using the right temperature and should be worn for 12-16 hours a day.

Meanwhile, the product can also treat varicoceles (enlarged veins within the scrotum.


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