See Top 10 Questions Nigerians Asked Google In 2018


American multinational search engine company, Google, has released its annual list of top trending searches in various countries of the world, including Nigeria.

The list which was subcategorised into topics such as people, losses, movies, songs, sporting and news events, gives insight of what was trending in the year based on what users in various regions typed into the search engine.

In Nigeria, Google has revealed the top ten queries users were asking the search engine in the course of 2018.


Information obtained by THE WHISTLER in the Google data indicates that Nigerians asked questions such as “How to check JAMB result, how to write a Business Plan, and who is leading Osun Election,” among others.

According to the data, the top users who made queries on “How to check Jamb result” were residents of Kaduna, Abia, Niger, Cross River, and Oyo states, respectively.

The data also revealed that top on the list of those seeking to know “How to write a Business Plan” were residents of Niger, Anambra, Imo, Akwa Ibom, and Benue states.

Below are the top 10 questions asked by Nigerians on Google in 2018:

1) How to check Jamb result


2) How to write a Business Plan

3) Who is leading in Osun Election

4) How to check BVN

5) Who is Prince Harry

6) Who is the richest Musician in Nigeria


7) How to write a CV

8) How to dance Shaku Shaku

9) Who is Atiku’s running mate

10) Who is the president of Croatia


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