Sen. Abe Decries ‘Bitterness’ Among APC Members

Senator Magnus Abe has warned that the alleged ‘bitterness’ among members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) may spell doom for the party in the near future.

Abe, who represents Rivers South East, said some members of the APC, particularly in Rivers State, have chosen to be hostile towards other members of the party for no reason.

The Senator therefore called for unity among members of the party, urging them open their “doors, windows, roofs” to allow for influx of new members to the party.

Abe said during a visit to the Palace of Eze Mike Ojiegbe, in Omumaland at Eberi, that only by so doing will the party overcome its challenges.


“My only annoyance and the only thing that upset me is that we have gotten to a stage in the party where people who have no trouble with one another are quarrelling with each other for no reason because of a problem that they imagine is between another person who is not themselves,” Abe said in a statement by his spokesperson, Parry Saroh Benson.

“And I want to use this opportunity to appeal to all APC members to be wise because if we are not wise then whatever it is we think we are looking for it will elude everybody if we are not wise. Because this party, God has given us this State we cannot use our own hands to throw it away.

“With our behavior, we must come together to build the party not build the party by driving away anybody, but building the party by opening the doors, opening the windows, opening the roof if necessary so that Rivers people can pour into this party to create the tsunami that is needed to throw out those who have privatised the future of our State.”


Senator Abe further decried the alleged politicisation of the traditional institution in Rivers State.

He said traditional rulers are now being selected based on their loyalty to the state government.


“There was a letter I wrote to the governor when he started politizing the Rivers State Council of Traditional Rulers, and I said we should all be mindful of a situation where every government that comes will begin to select Chiefs who are for that government and Chiefs who are not for that government.

“Because if we do that we will reduce the traditional institution to mere commissioners that will be appointed with a government, serve with the government that appointed them and go with it.

“And that is not the intendment of our people for our traditional institution. So I warned that that kind of response to issues of our chieftaincy will not serve the interest of Rivers people, unfortunately that advice was not taken and we have found ourselves where we found ourselves,” said the lawmaker.


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