Shasha Violence: Garba Shehu Says Buhari Will Not Tolerate Ethnic Hatred

Presidential spokesperson, Garba Shehu, has said any action that translates to ethnic or religious hatred against any group in any part of the country will not be tolerated by President Muhammadu Buhari. 

Shehu, in apparent reaction to criticisms that trailed Buhari’s silence on the ethnic violence that broke out in Shasha Market, Oyo State, said the president would “act decisively” to prevent further spread of such violence. 

He said, “President Buhari warned that the government will not allow any ethnic or religious group to stoke up hatred and violence against other groups,” adding that the president, “appealed to religious and traditional leaders as well governors and other elected leaders across the country to join hands with the Federal Government to ensure that communities in their domain are not splintered along ethnic and other primordial lines.” 

Recall that President Buhari had come under heavy criticism for failing to speak after some Yoruba and Hausa youths reportedly clashed at the market situated in Akinyele Local Government Area of the state. 

The clash was said to have resulted in the razing of over 50 shops and destruction of goods and property at the market. 

A staunch Buhari supporter on social media, Adamu Garba, had openly criticised the President for keeping silent on the matter. 

He tweeted on Sunday, “Sometimes I wonder, I genuinely wonder whether President @MBuhari is leading Nigeria or catching cruise with our trust

“How can the country be in tension, killings all over the places, yet no categorical statement from the President? Why the silence at this very critical moment?

“Why must we always talk, ask and insist before we can hear from this President. The matter at hand, from North to South is on the verge of exercebating  ethnic tensions. Blames and counter blames, accusations and counter accusations, yet silence from the President?”

Garba added that, “There is no region, tribe or religion, no matter the attachment or loyalty to the President, that will be happy with the present situation where everyone is left to advance their individual narrative to the complete absence of the Commander in Chief’s. None! This is not good.”