Soldiers Trapped In Sambisa Forest After Boko Haram Dislodged Troops

Some soldiers have been trapped in Sambisa forest after the troops were dislodged by Boko Haram terrorists on Friday.


A military source told THE WHISTLER on Monday that the troops were trapped in a forest in Bolabili.

Some of the soldiers died as a result of dehydration, according to the source.

Some soldiers were left stranded in the forest after a fierce battle with insurgents.

A report initially said the soldiers were abandoned by the rest of the troops, but our source, who is part of the fighting troops, explained that the battle forced troops into different directions.

While some of the stranded soldiers had found their ways back to base, others are believed to still be in the forest.


In his words: ” I saw some of them who found their ways back to town and rushed them to the hospital.Majority of them who could not find their ways are still there. Uptill this moment we have not heard any report on the number of soldiers still trapped in the forest.”

He claimed that most of the soldiers had not returned and” there are no attempts by the military authorities to rescue them. “


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