Stakeholders Laud Hon. Ugwunze For Moving Igboeze North Forward

Even after the expiration of his tenancy as the transition committee chairman of Igboeze north LGA, Hon. Dr Olisaemeka Ugwunze has continued to enjoy accolades from stakeholders in the council for his stewardship.

Ugwunze earned accolades majorly for moving Igboeze north to a whole new level within the short time frame he chaired the council.


The people of the council equally lauded Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s appointment of the businessman cum politician on September 25 2017.

One of such tributes was from Mr Anselm Okeke, a business man at Ogrute, who at the headquarters of the council described Ugwunze’s tenancy as “revolutionary”.

“It was simply a revolutionary era for us. He came like a bang, and from the first day, the entire council witnessed an administration that was determined to write its name in the sands of time. It was not business as usual. First of all, the entire local government area was in darkness for over seven months before he assumed office. It negatively affected our business activities, but shortly on assumption of office, he intervened and our electricity supply was restored. Whatever he did to break this jinx, only God knows but we give kudos to whoever appointed him into that position,” said Okeke.

The traditional ruler of Ogrute in Igboeze north LGA, Igwe Ogbonna Ekere, had extolled Ugwunze’s virtues while commissioning an ultra-modern restaurant built by the erstwhile chairman.


“Our people would forever be happy to have had Hon Olisaemeka Ugwunze as our council chairman. He only stayed for about two months, and he had proven that a determined administration takes off on the day of inception. We should support people like this. Also political leaders should borrow a leaf from him. We need people who will develop our council; we want people who will serve the people beyond self. That is exactly what Hon Ugwunze had demonstrated. We pray that this restaurant will bring us good health and joy.”

Hon Ugwunze, had during the commissioning, said:

“It is an ultra-modern restaurant and managed by tested and trusted hands. The era of workers moving outside the headquarters to eat food is over. The food items we have here are hygienically prepared. They are also affordable.”

A member of staff of the council, who preferred anonymity said of Ugwunze, “Dr Ugwunze indeed surpassed expectations. We never had functional toilet facilities for many years in our offices. It was a nightmare then, but he fixed them, and also provided overhead tanks for us. He added beauty and comfort to the entire structures in the council. Today, we boost of running water through the overhead tanks; workers now come to work determined because he was a listening leader. He did not owe us any of our entitlements. Above all, he was a goal-oriented leader, and once a leader is someone who leads by example, the followers have no reason not to toe the line. I think he gave the local government system a redefinition. I am also not surprised because of his antecedents. That was why Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi fished him out from Lagos to come and serve us. He lived in his country home throughout his stint as a transition committee chairman. He had his doors open both in the office and at home. Such was rare because some local government chairmen preferred to live in the cities, but I think Dr Ugwunze chose to live with us to have a direct feel of the people that he was administering. We shall miss him.”

Sources at Igboeze north equally said Ugwunze’s administration helped with the recovery of the council’s grounded grader that had been missing for more than a decade.


“It is like a miracle because various administrations in the council had given up on it; some were nonchalant about the heavy-duty equipment, but within just about one month of his administration, Hon Ugwunze not only recovered it, but got it functional. It is behind the massive road rehabilitations going on at every noon and cranny of the council. I hope incoming administrations would learn a great lesson from this man,” he said.

Asked further on the magic behind his success in office, Hon Ugwunze said, “There is a spirit behind the reason why His Excellency Rt Hon Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi fished me out of Lagos to come and lead the people of Igboeze north LGA. Yes there are thousands of people here that he could have appointed, but he chose me. I must tell you God in heaven knows why. I am not just saying this to just pour encomiums on His Excellency. Gov Ugwuanyi is a real man of God. Everything he does is perfect. If you think he has done anything bad to you today, wait for some time, and you will see why he did that. That is why when they start talking about 2019, my word to them is: ‘remember what the word of God said, “touch not my anointed. Do my prophet no harm”.’ Attempts to obstruct Gov Ugwuanyi by any force will be ready for the recompense. The Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi matter is not prepared today. It is not by accident; he is ordained for that position. What we are talking about transcends normal discussions. If you remember the way he emerged, the most acceptable by all in the whole of Enugu state as governor, you realise what I am talking about. Most of us pitied him, thinking that he would not meet the challenges of people that earnestly yearned for him. How he would manage to make them happy? But to my greatest shocker, till tomorrow, he is still in good terms with every person. The magic is indescribable. He came into the government when there was no money. But he is performing as if there is boom. I don’t know how he is performing that magic. If it were not ordained from the above, he would have failed. Any day he says hello to anyone, my brother, it is a bunch of blessings.”

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