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4 General Healthy Eating Habits For Everyone

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Being healthy is a lifetime affair and one of the key factors to being happy! One of the easiest ways to achieve a life of great health and free of ailments is by eating right.

We all know eating right in Nigeria can be such a huge struggle because we consume a lot of starchy foods but you can do it if you set your mind to it. To help you, here are a 4 tips to help cultivate your eating habit.

Be Honest: figure out what works best for you, No one knows you better than yourself. If you like to cook, then get healthy ingredients but if you are busy and there’s a need for microwave, then seek healthy packed substitutes.

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Go Green: The food culture in Nigeria is so rich that it may be difficult to find and stick to foods that are generally healthier. I do implore you to give fruits and vegetables a chance in your diet.

Less Meat: The basis of a great healthy eating culture is fruits, vegetables and fibres that give valuable vitamins to the body to keep you looking fresh on the inside and on the outside. Try some more of wheat, seeds and nuts in various ways.

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Portions: One of the issues with healthy eating is not knowing the right portions to serve when eating. Sometimes rather than eating one huge portion of food, you may want to break it up into a few portions and that way you can actually reduce the intake.

Finally, water can never be over emphasized, always know when you’re hungry or dehydrated. Its still 8 glasses daily.