5 Health Benefits Of Carrot Smoothie

Carrot is a vegetable commonly enjoyed in both raw and cooked form, having a signature orange colour. It is an excellent, crunchy snack.

According to, when eaten as part of an overall healthy diet, the nutrients may provide multiple health benefits, including protection against heart diseases and stroke.

It helps to build strong bones, enhancement of vision, protection of the liver, improvement of skin health and a healthy nervous system.

Carrots have a wealth of valuable nutrition, and when made into fresh juice or smoothie, you can get a concentrated dose of its healing power.

From balancing blood sugar, improving blood health, relieving congestion, fighting inflammation and cleansing the kidneys to protecting eyesight, brain function and fighting Leukaemia.

Carrot smoothie benefits can help nearly every part of your body.

Below are steps to achieve a great carrot smoothie;


6 pieces of carrot

1 tablespoon of honey

½ glass of water


1. peel the carrots

2. cut the carrots into tiny circles

3. add the carrots in a blender and add honey

4. add water

5. blend the carrot, honey and water mixture until smooth

6. Pour in a glass, and serve cool.

Its slightly sweet taste and versatility are what make carrots so popular, but beyond this, you should strive to eat more carrots because of what they can offer your health.

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