5 Useful Tips For Better Living

There are some health tips a lot of people have come to accept as being useful but are necessary. Although some are strange, they are surprisingly very useful!

Check out the ones you’ve been getting wrong.

1. Energy drinks do not necessarily give you energy!
Reports reveal that energy drinks contain up to five times more caffeine than coffee but this comes with a side effect as they only shoot your blood sugar for a little time, only to crash it sooner than you expect, leaving you sluggish and irritable.


2. Don’t brush your teeth immediately after drinks and meals.
Its best not to brush immediately after eating or drinking this is because acidic foods like fruit, soda, orange juice and wine feature prominently in diets can soften the tooth enamel and the layer under it!

Experts suggest waiting at least 30 – 60 minutes before brushing after eating or drinking.

3. Drink water when you feel bloated
When you feel bloated, drink more water! Where some people think drinking water might make the condition worse, it actually relieves it. This is because when you stay dehydrated for instance, the body survives strongly on the water. When the body has discomfort, water may be all you need to get back comfortable.

4. Do not drink water during/immediately after eating
Drinking water while eating or immediately after disrupts digestion contrary to what people believe. It’s best to drink like 1 hour before or after eating for proper digestion.

5. Diet Soda, STOP IT!
Contrary to beliefs, diet sodas do not help. Studies reveal people who drank diet sodas ate more food compared to people who drank normal sodas!

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