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6 Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas For Lovers!

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Please don’t get it twisted, love is a beautiful thing! Valentine is just a few days away and couples are holding their breath.

Are you searching for creative ways to impress your spouse or simply thinking of mixing it up from the usual dinner to roses, chocolates and mind blowing gifts?

Well, here are 6 Valentine experiences and activities to sweep your other half off their feet!

Write an open letter on why you love your spouse
Have you been with your partner for months, but are yet to tell him or her how you feel? This coming valentine is your opportunity. Get a polished book and pen reasons why you are smitten by your partner. Do not forget to share fond memories you have had together. Do not focus on their shortcomings but let your respect and love for them show. You will be shocked by their reaction.

Go on a scavenger hunt
This may need a bit of planning in order to get the desired impact. Request your partner to answer riddles or to find traces of items you have hidden somewhere around your town and make the riddle or search as easy as possible.
When he or she eventually finds the item, it should include instructions that leads to a venue or restaurant where the romantic getaway will be take place.

Deliver roses at her home
On Valentine’s Day, you can order 3 roses to be delivered at her home or office. The romantic secret here is that you pay the dispatch boy to deliver 2 roses while you give her the 3rd one yourself. This is an excellent idea for couples that live in different states.

Travel down memory lane
Pay a visit to the place where you had your first date. It may be a restaurant, a cinema or a beach. After you have ordered a meal, both of you should take few minutes to write your favourite moments together. Then share the lists. You will be astonished to see what pops up on the lists. It will include things that you thought were insignificant.

Watch a romantic movie
After the candlelight dinner and exchanging fond memories, you can round up the day by watching a romantic movie, not at the cinema but in the comfort of your home.

Will you marry me?
It can never be over emphasized to propose on that day, it’s still one of the most romantic thing I have ever seen in my entire life. If you are in a relationship and you’re sure you want to settle with your partner, this is the ideal day to pop up the question. It will forever live in her heart.

I hope these steps will bring the uncontrollable blushing, the tears of joy, the overwhelming smile, the depth of gratitude and the gripping affection in the heart of the person you love.

Happy valentine lovers!

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