7 Stages Of Love!

statges of love

There are 7 stages of love. Which one are you on?


This is one of the most incredible stages of love and it marks the beginning of your relationship. Here, you find yourself attracted to another person and your thoughts are completely filled with their idea. You look for that one moment when you can make contact and plan your strategies.

It is one of the sweetest and craziest periods where you just don’t feel like doing anything apart from thinking about your crush.

Hint: If your friends are teasing you with someone and you are blushing, this is where you stand.

First contact

This is the part where you work up the courage to finally talk to your crush. And this is also the stage where your planning goes down the drain. You find yourself confused, awkward, and desperately trying to impress your crush in the most adorable way.

First impressions matter and sometimes this stage can be really crucial for your long-term relationship to be founded on.

Getting to know each other

This is the stage where you go on the first date which may lead further dates. At this point, you are still slightly awkward but are interested in knowing everything about each other. You want to know your partner’s daily routines, their quirks, their likes, their dislikes and basically everything that comes to your head.

Expression of love

This is the stage when you finally understand that you are perfect for each other and you cannot even imagine a life without each other. You feel intensely attracted to each other and there’s not a moment you would spend apart. You understand that your feelings are genuine and finally say the 3 magical words: ‘I love you’ (just in case you were wondering).

Planning a future together

Now that you know that both of you are comfortable with each other, you start looking towards the future together.

You start discussing a life which you’ll build together, talk about compromises, if any, and what you expect from each other in life. This is the serious part of love and widely referred to as one of the most important.


This stage is where you cement your relationship. You are now one with each other, both legally and spiritually.

This is a transition as well as a stage which signifies that both of you have accepted each other completely (good, bad, and ugly) and are ready to stand by each other through life’s thick and thin.


This is when things get real. Life happens! Once you are married and start living together, other responsibilities start taking over but the best couples are those who find it in themselves to fight the odds together.

Living a life together means that you are both in the same boat and what affect one affects the other.

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