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8 Ways Women Can Increase Their Sex Drive

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Sex is one of the major causes of a lot of failed marriages lately.

However, most men feel their wives no longer satisfy them because of the women’s low sex drive and they opt to operate outside wedlock.

Most women are not actually okay with having a low sex drive and really want to feel that sexual excitement again.

A healthy libido is an important part of keeping a relationship strong.

Here are 8 ways to get your groove back.

1. Exercise: Exercising can be a huge confident booster. When you feel good about your body, you get more in tune with your sexuality.

2. Embrace erotica: a lot of women are not into pornography, then try reading some erotica? The internet is full of stories that are just perfect to spike your mood, just find the type that works for you.

3. Sext: Sometimes, being apart from your partner and sending naughty texts could be the best way to make him more attractive to you again. It does not get any better than him telling you all the dirty things he wants to do with your body.

4. Get touchy: Make sure you reconnect with touch, kisses and hugs during the day. When you do more of these without feeling pressured for sex, you will find that your body will begin to respond.

5. Change pills: One of the side effects of some contraceptive pills is that you have a lower sex drive. See your doctor to know if you can make some changes, or get advice on how to proceed.

6. What you eat: always eat right, it helps. Foods such as eggs, oyster, chocolate, wine, and fruits usually increase the sex drives of a lot of women.

7. De-stress: When you are always stressed out and worried, you will find that your sex life drops. Take a break, meditate or find a hobby that relaxes you.

8. Initiate sex: get it right, sex is not only a man’s thing. Learn to approach your man, tell him what you want, what to do and take what they want. They feel excited and confident in knowing it is solely your decision.

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