Amaechi: Patience Jonathan And Wike Brought Cultism To Rivers

Minister of Transportation, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, on Friday accused the wife of the former president of Nigeria, Patience Goodluck Jonathan, and the governor of Rivers State, Nyesome Wike of bringing cultism to Rivers state.

Amaechi, who made the statement during an interview on an AIT television programme monitored by our correspondent, alleged that Governor Wike showed no concern towards the frequent attack in the state.

“Mrs Goodluck Jonathan and Nyesome Wike brought cultism to rivers state for election purposes. My village is attacked every day and people are killed. The police have refused to go there,” he said.

Amaechi further attacked the Rivers commissioner of police saying that the only reason Wike is getting away with violence is because of the support he receives from the police.

He said, “People who follow me do not carry knife. If you want to follow me as a supporter, you will never carry gun or knife. Because what is irreplaceable from you is life, so if you kill somebody you take life and as a true catholic Christian, I am taught by my priest and spiritual director.

“Because you cannot replace life, you can’t even afford to commit that sin. How do you tell God to forgive you when you take another person’s life? Those pastors who pray for Wike what do they tell God. My priest will not pray for him. I dare Wike to go to my priest and kneel down and see if he will get prayer.”

On the roads constructed by Wike within few months in office, Amaechi said “where does he get the money to build roads?”

“We have built road, Nyesome Wike is riding on those road, he managed to complete some which were 80% completed, and he is happy to complete them in less than one year.

“Don’t forget, there are two bridges, those bridges could have been done in one year. He has not even done one year and he is dancing, meanwhile, we have lost one more bridge.

“I am happy he did that, because that is continuity of government. Am happy. But he should learn to give credit.

“When I visited the railway the other day, I said the past government built this railway up to this point. What we did was to release more money to complete the project and by May, we will have this railway functioning at a commercial level. I acknowledged the fact that there was a former government. Again, I acknowledge the fact that the former government started the project of the Abuja-Kaduna railway project.

“But you see, in his own case, he (Wike) creates the impression there was no government at all.”

When asked if he was disappointed that he did not get justice at the Supreme Court, Amaechi said “there was no justice as far as I am concerned.

“Let Mrs Odili face her job. She should learn to give Justice to people. Why did I say that, listen to what Wike said at the Church and Nigerians have kept quiet about it. ‘I want to thank Dr Odili for what he did for me. He will call me 12 midnight and say go here, and I go, and that’s why I am here today’. Gbenga what does that imply?”

Speaking on Lassa Fever which claimed some lives in the state, Amaechi asserted that if he was the governor of the state, such a tragedy would have been averted.

He said, “When I was governor, any epidemic will died. See Lassa fever, it couldn’t happen when I was governor, if it happened, we will attack it the same day and it will stop, but see Lassa fever in Rivers State now, we were the second state to get Lassa fever.

“When Ebola came, I did not leave Rivers State until we found a solution to Ebola. Only one person died of Ebola in Rivers State. We attacked it with all the money we had. Everybody was saying the president, what president was that, that fought Ebola.

“Ebola was fought between myself and the governor of Lagos state. We were constantly on the phone with the American Embassy and the World Health Organization.”

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