APC’s Fuji House Of Commotion By Agozino Agozino

Late filmmaker, Amaka Igwe, may have seen the future of Nigeria when she created the idea of her TV series, Fuji House of Commotion, a house where commotion and everything goes and you can never tell what next would come on you.

The wives are out of control, the children are even more so and the loquacious husband (Oga) is the one of the instigators of the commotion. But all is part of a series on television designed to make you laugh and relax yourself.

But what happens if late Igwe’s creation is real and you see it happening in our politics? Well, the truth is that Nigeria is now late Amaka’s Fuji House of Commotion. Fortunately, Amaka is late, she no longer writes but our governing party which promised us change, All Progressives Congress (APC), is recreating the series with more drama.

Under the watch of the APC, there is commotion in the land for the last eleven months. Nigerians are suffering. More than the people they accused of running the country down, the governing party is yet to justify its mandate. The assumption by the ruling class that they would somehow be insulated from the unfolding economic hardship by hiding behind their fortified mansions in Abuja may soon prove false as history has proved that no leader who played with Nigerian people ever get free.

How else can one describe the APC’s projection that it would change the country only for it to foist more hardship on people?

We are told that the government is wining the anti-corruption war, that billions have been recovered from corrupt politicians and so on. But the question ordinary Nigerians are asking President Buhari is not amount of money recovered. But please can we have common electrify in our homes? Nigerians want to have fuel to power their business and so on. They want to have food in their homes.

The APC penchant for blaming Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) while its members are too busy sharing the spoils of office and planning how to consolidate its hold on power all should be stopped.

The danger in the inability of the APC to fulfill its electoral promises is a sign that democracy has not berth in Nigeria. As things stands today, the APC is like towing the path of opposition PDP – taking Nigerians for a ride and they paid for it. So, the APC should look very well.

Whatever may be the case, President Buhari has only three years to hold Nigerians at ransom. But the next election will show if Nigeria are watching or not. It is a time for our ruling class to know that soon they will come back to seek the votes of the electorate again.

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