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Bayelsa Supplementary Election Result: PDP Leads

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Ogbia supplementary result collation officer, Dr Anakwe

No of Registered voters 4344

No of accredited voters 1551

Votes scored APC 139, PDP 1290

Total valid votes 1449

Rejected votes 47

Total vote cast 1496

Sagbama supplementary result:

No of Registered voters 2005

No of accredited voters 326

Votes scored APC 111, PDP 180

Total valid votes 303

Rejected votes 21

Total votes cast 324

Brass supplementary result

No of Registered voters 2255

No of accredited voters 1703

Votes scored APC 1679, PDP 05

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Total valid votes 1696

Rejected votes 7

Total votes cast 1703

Yenogoa supplementary result

No REG Voters 9560

No Accredited Voters 1480

APC – 448, PDP – 839

Total Valid Votes – 1309


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