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Buhari ‘Blackmails’ Judges To Bend The Law

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There are indications that President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime is putting undue pressure on judges to bend the rule in anti-corruption and terrorism related cases especially as it relates to the agitators of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

The Whistler learnt from a highly placed judicial official that the investigation of judges by the Department of State Security (DSS) and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) was to find ‘evidence’ to use in blackmailing the judges handling corruption and terrorism cases to do the bidding of the president.

It would be recalled that in January, President Buhari while on a visit to Ethiopia for an Africa Union Summit, accused the judiciary of being his greatest worry in the anti-corruption war.

In a meeting with the Nigerian community in Addis Ababa, Buhari said: “On the fight against corruption vis-à-vis the judiciary, Nigerians will be right to say that is my main headache for now.

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“If you reflect on what I went through for twelve years when I wanted to be the president, I attempted three times.

“At the fourth attempt, through God and the use of technology, it was possible for Nigerians to elect an APC candidate as president.

“In my first attempt in 2003, I ended up at the Supreme Court and for 13 months I was in court.

“The second attempt in 2007, I was in court close to 20 months, and in 2011, my third attempt, I was also in court for nine months.

“All these cases went up to the Supreme Court until the fourth time in 2015, when God agreed that I will be President of Nigeria,’’

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The source stressed that the trial of Mr. Ricky Tarfa and Dr. Joseph Nwobike, both Senior Advocates of Nigeria, was part of the grand design by hawks of the administration to force the hands of judge from respecting the fundamental human rights of accused persons which says they are innocent until proven guilty.

“I can tell you that judges are in for a rude shock as the Buhari government has gone all out to ensure that they do his bidding, whether it is according to the law or not.

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