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Cameroonian President Approves The Use Of Witchcraft To Defeat Boko Haram

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Cameroon’s long ruling president Paul Biya has asked local chiefs of one of the country’s regions plagued by boko haram attacks to go ahead and use witchcraft in combating the menace of the terror group.

The approval is coming after Chiefs from the Cameroon’s Northern Region recently requested approval from the president to use witchcraft in finishing off the terror sect.
According to a Cameroonian journalist Chief Bisong Etahoben who broke the news, the chiefs have gotten the approval the sought.

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In a tweet monitored by THE WHISTLER, th journalist on Tuesday tweeted that Far North Governor Midjiyawa has revealed that: “The head of state has demanded that an aspect of witchcraft be integrated into the fight against Boko Haram.”

However, THE WHISTLER can not independently authenticate the approval from Cameroon’s ministry of defence.

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