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‘Clinton Lost Because She Wanted To Edit The Bible’

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Former presidential aide, Doyin Okupe has said that democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost the United States presidential elections because she planned on altering the content of the Holy Scriptures to “accommodate ‘current’ social realities.”

Okupe, in a statement he issued shortly after Donald Trump was announced President-elect, added that only God could have caused him (Trump) to defeat Clinton.

His statement read in full, “Trump contested against the entire American establishment, against virtually all the mainstream media, against all the living past American presidents, against majority of world leaders including the current

American president, and the celebrated Clinton machinery, and he won! Only God can do this.”

“Hilary Clinton, her husband Bill and the Democrats are the protagonists of liberalism in America. They encourage homosexuality, same sex marriage and all sorts of societal immorality in the USA.

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“To make matters worse in July this year Hillary publicly stated that, the words of the Bible (the Word of God) be changed to accommodate ‘current’ social realities.

“What a blasphemy against Jehovah, the maker and ruler of the universe, the God of all flesh, the only living and Supreme God. The bible says ‘the word of God is settled’ how can we imagine that God will allow someone who will change His word to have power! Vanity and nothing short of vanity.

“The events of today is a robust testimony to all, Christian and non-Christians, about the awesomeness of this God, who has ridiculed all the so called Principalities and Powers of the world and has used the foolish things of this world to confound the wise men of the world.

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“God is going to usher in a new order in the world and its affairs. Only the righteous will prevail. For this historic victory, of a man with no experience in politics or public or military service, we give ALL Glory to the Almighty God and His Son Jesus Christ to whom all honour, praise and adoration, is due.”

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