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Sterling Bank Plc have approved the termination of the appointment of over 625 workers.

Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) has announced its plans to commence web-based ticketing for the Abuja-Kaduna rail line, this year.

Chairman of Air Peace, Barr. Allen Onyema has recounted a loss to the tune of 3b in 24 hours resulting in disruption to the airline flight schedules.

A Dana aircraft was on Friday forced to make emergency landing at the Murtala Muhammed airport, Lagos, after it lost one of its engines mid-air.

Air Peace has condemned the attacks on its staff by some passengers in Abuja, Lagos, Calabar and other parts of the country.

A Boeing 737 with registration 5N-BQR on Thursday collided with the B737 aircraft at the departure ramp of the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos, both belonging Air Peace.

The Dangote Group has begun installing equipment in the Dangote Oil Refining Company, (DORC) being built in the Lekki area of Lagos.

The Managing Director, Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG), Tony Attah, said the company has not increased the price of cooking gas.

Abimbola Johnson
The management of Aero Contractors has ordered a full scale investigation into flight NG316, which was recently engulfed with smoke mid-air.
Recall that passengers on board the aircraft escaped death after the plane caught fire midair on Tuesday shortly after the plane took off from Port Harcourt and was bound for Lagos.
A statement released by the airline noted that the incident took place while the aircraft was descending into Lagos.
According to the statement, the airlines engineers have carried out routine checks on the aircraft and reported all normal.
It added that Ado Sanusi, chief executive officer of Aero had reported the incident to appropriate authorities with another round of investigation ongoing.
The airline however assured that it would get to the root of the matter.
The statement read, “The management led by Ado Sanusi, chief executive officer of Aero, has ordered for full scale investigation into the incident, preliminary reports has it that at 1645 GMT about 75NM to Lagos at 24,00ft, the cabin crew observed that the cabin was misty. This was reported to the captain, who briefed the passengers accordingly assuring them of a safe landing in Lagos in a couple of minutes.
“Expectedly as announced by the pilot, normal descent was initiated into Lagos. While descending however, a passenger went into the lavatory, after which the lavatory smoke detector alarm came on. The cabin crew again reported this incident to the captain and by this time the smoke was getting denser in the cabin.
“Ready and armed with ‘Aft Cargo Smoke’ indication in the flight deck, the crew carried out the smoke dispersal procedures and contacted air traffic control at 1655GMT, requesting for emergency support services and proceeded to Lagos, which is the airport with the full complement of emergency support.
“At this stage again, the cabin crew reassured the passengers and handed out wet towels to them as a precautionary measure for such incidents. The aircraft landed at 1703 GMT without any incident.”

There was panic amongst passengers on board Aero aircraft, which had taken off from Port Harcourt and was bound for Lagos, after the plane caught fire midair.

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