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Domestic League Games Will Proceed Despite Paris Attacks – France Sports Secretary

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French league games this weekend will go ahead, but away fans will not be allowed in for security reasons, France’s Secretary of State for Sport Thierry Braillard has announced.

Last weekend’s sporting programmes in and around Paris were cancelled in the wake of Friday’s terrorist assault on the French capital, which included three suicide bombs outside the Stade de France as France were playing Germany.

Braillard said, “France is standing and I’ve asked that all the matches, notably the professional matches which attract big crowds, take place this weekend. Life must resume in our country.

“And here too, our English friends offer a good example. You didn’t stop in London after the attacks in 2005 and you were right not to stop.

“We are on the same lines. We are proud of what we are – our values, our freedoms – and nobody will stop France living as it wishes with its way of life and above all its freedoms.”

It has also been reported that La Marseillaise – the French national anthem – will be sung before each match.

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