‘Eating’ Vagina Prevents Cancer – Research Report From State University Of New York

Did you know that eating a vagina could save you from fatal diseases such as cancer and heart disease

And with serious illness spreading at an endemic pace, medical experts have been under the gun to find cures or at least treatments for the ever- growing list of ailments plaguing the human race.

According to research that was conducted in the State University of New York, the most important meal for a man is a vagina.

Cancer preventing hormones such as DHEA and Oxytocin flourish during cunnilingus, and therefore during the act, both the recipient and the performer are actively battling carcinogenic toxins. It’s a win-win.

So next time you dive deep know that you are potentially shrinking tumors, fighting malignancy, and staving off a slow, painful death.

Beating off does the same thing—so beat that shit like it owes you money! Remember—you’re fighting cancer!

Research has pointed to the sedative and relaxing effect of oxytocin and other endorphins released during orgasm, which is why masturbation is a great way to deal with stress.

The study also also found that orgasms relieve migraines!

And there’s good news for you fellas, too! Well, maybe not Kanye West, but for any man who does enjoy when his lady gets up in that ass, there’s hard evidence to suggest that prostate massage in men actually reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

But back to women. Massaging our prostates yields beaucoup benefits as well. G spot stimulation cleanses the urethra and can also PREVENT UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infections).

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