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El-Rufai’s Religious Bill Is Biblical —- Agbese

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A Civil rights activist, Comrade Philip Agbese has thrown his weight behind the Kaduna State Religious Activities Regulation Bill describing it as a biblical concept that was initiated by Apostle Paul in the Bible.

Speaking to our correspondent in a phone conversation, the United Kingdom based activist said “Governor Nasir El Rufai is more of a prophet of God than those who have predicted his death.

“Anyone who wants El Rufai to die does not have a copy of the New Testament or lacks basic knowledge of simple comprehension or both.

“The prophet calling for El Rufai’s death is not only a joker playing the brain cards of prosperity on his followers but as well guilty of the offenses that are enclosed in the letters of the Bill already sent to the Kaduna State House of Assembly.

“These very persons were the same goons who collected our had earned money in foreign currency from former President GOODLUCK Jonathan that he would win the Presidential election.

“Unfortunately, when the results turned upside down they still shamelessly attempted to deceive their congregants that it was God who changed his mind. How do we explain the flip flops in their prophetic narrative when those calling for El Rufai’s head had predicted that he will never become Governor, that Okorocha will lose his second term and that GOODLUCK Jonathan was going to win again?” He queried.

Supporting the move by El-Rufai, he informed that it was Apostle Paul in the Bible who encouraged Christians that all men and women should learn to conduct themselves in an orderly manner. Whoever doesn’t respect this admonishment cannot in the first instance address him/herself as a Christian anywhere in the world? He advised that the Bill when passed into law shall restrict what he termed “cut and join Pastors and Imams” from misleading people in Nigeria should be endorsed throughout the federation and allowed to stand in order to bring about sanity in Nigeria.

According to Agbese, Nigeria has the highest number of churches and mosques in the world ;yet we still find it difficult to live together in peace and harmony due to hate preachings and sermons that have become a part and parcel of us.

Meanwhile he has called on genuine prophets of God to pray for the Governor to succeed in his quest to protect the citizens of Kaduna State irrespective of religious or ethnic affiliations.

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