Ena Ofugara Writes Open Letter To Festus Keyamo For Not Supporting Ese Oruru

Senior bros Degwor,

I am writing this to you as 2019 approaches so that you can immediately understand what actions many of us Urhobos will take as regards your candidacy for any political position.

You called me once that you were running for governor. Paul Akpor Abu facilitated the call. I am also aware you are close to my family the Smart Ofugara Hetty Smart-Ofugara etc. That ordinarily would have made me your loyal boy immediately.

However, I wish to state  a few things you may have missed in the class where CANDIDACY and REPRESENTATION OF THE URHOBOS AND DELTANS was taught. Mowoe, Salubi and other great Urhobos offered the class. For the Itsekiris, Okotie Eboh and Rewane taught it. For Yorubas, Awolowo was a professor.  I see you totally missed the class or flunked it. 

The main gist of the lecture is, the major take away is ” If you know you want to represent your people as their leader, if you know you will not speak on their behalf, SHUT UP”. This is a cardinal rule for anyone wishing to represent his people.

I am surprised that a lawyer of your reputation and knowledge (EFCC bungled cases aside) a small me is the one teaching you representation in a legal system that understands and or is based on GAME THEORY. What this means is, you stand on one side and see that that side gets all the justice it can. Obviously, you may have stood on the side of the Hausa-Fulani, thinking this an APC vs PDP matter instead of “my Urhobo brother’s daughter has been taken away from him to a place he cannot even access her. How can I reunite him and his daughter How can I lead? How can I be of help? How can I use my vast knowledge to settle this thing amicably? You Keyamo never thought in this line.

No seriously bros Keyamo, so for a minute you did not think this man is your constituency and deserves your help to get his daughter back? So you did not think to use your influence and closeness to APC hierarchy to call Sansi and say “boss, this thing is embarrassing you. Let the girl go”. As a politician, you did not reason that this was a time to shine, where you are the one at the police station bringing the girl out and reuniting her with her father. Do you know the photo opportunity and the mileage that would have been for your political career?

What did you do instead bros, you talked like someone with zero political ambition, or like a hired Sanusi and Yinusa’s lawyer. You said that a man whose minor was taken to a diffrent region, state, culture and religion, one that will forever divorce the man and his daughter, you said he should marry off the daughter by getting together with the parents of the abductor and MARRY HER OFF.

You see a big weight like the Emir of Kano fighting little Mr Oruru and you take the side of Emir Sanusi to kick your Urhobo brother as he lay supine on the floor, begging for his minor…his daughter. You as a potential representative of his tribe, you step on his brocus instead by saying that taking his daughter away to live in Kano with the Emir is “pranks”.

Obiageli Ezekwesili, Ben Murray Bruce and so many others not Urhobo are screaming for justice for little Mr Oruru, but you Keyamo kick him in the gonads.

I am sure Sanusi and Buhari are clapping for you. well done

 As for me Ena Ofugara, I can never trust you to represent Urhobos in my life ever ever ever again. If a man can lose his daughter to the Emir of Kano and you consider such loss of a minor “PRANKS” and you advise that the man should marry the girl off, bros, for what it is worth I WILL NEVER SUPPORT YOU AS A REPRESENTATIVE OF MY PEOPLE.  I and those I can influence will never ever ever ever support you in this life or the next. This betrayal is just too much to bear. If you cannot stand with an Urhobo man in a case so clear, when will you ever stand with one?

Bros, I no put water for mouth talk am. Me and anyone close to me will never support you. I rather go bring Kano man as Urhobo representative cos na the same end result e go be.

Not Yours very very sincerely,

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