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‘Facebook At Work’ To Be Launched Early 2016

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World’s most populous social media platform, Facebook, is expected to launch its business oriented version, early 2016, a company executive has announced.

The new service, designed to help employers, employees and clients connect will be called ‘Facebook at Work’.

It contains all of the familiar elements found on Facebook proper, from profiles and group pages to timelines and follow features. However to increase productivity and responsible use of the social network, games will not be available on the site.

The director of global platform partnerships at Facebook, Julien Codorniou, told Reuters: “I would say 95% of what we developed for Facebook is also adopted for Facebook at Work.

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“You cannot play Candy Crush on Facebook at Work,” he added.

The company is also developing exclusive products for Facebook at Work, including security tools, Codorniou said.

Rather than be a competitor to LinkedIn, and allow users to connect with any professional contact, Facebook at Work is currently only focused on intra-company sharing, and creating collaboration between co-workers.

Facebook is planning to accompany the launch of this professional edition with all of the necessary apps for both iOS and Android.

Companies will only be charged if they use the site’s premium services and this will be on a per user per month basis. These services include customer support and analytics.

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More than 300 companies, including Heineken, Royal Bank of Scotland and Jewellery Company Stella and Dot, are using Facebook at Work on a testing platform.

Also, Club Mediterranee, a French corporation which operates vacation resorts, is already planning to use Facebook a Work for all 13,000 of its employees.

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