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Facebook Messenger Can Now Support Multiple Account

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Facebook announced on Friday, that its Messenger app will now support multiple accounts on the same device.

In addition, the social media giants said that it was also testing if the Messenger app could replace the user’s default messaging app on a smartphone, adding that the multiple-account update comes in the light of more and more people using shared devices.

The social network confirmed the SMS tests were underway following reports of what appeared to be the return of SMS support in Messenger.

A Facebook spokesperson who confirmed this to TechCrunch said: “At Messenger we are always trying to create new ways for people to communicate seamlessly with everyone. Right now, we’re testing the ability for people to easily bring all their conversations – from SMS and Messenger – to one place.

“It’s a really simple way to get, see and respond to all your SMS messages in just one app. By choosing to access your SMS messages in Messenger, they’re right alongside all the other enhanced features that Messenger offers.”

Before now, Facebook’s Messenger app had the ability to send and receive SMS messages back in 2013 but after an update the feature was removed by Facebook due to low traction.

The new addition will mean that multiple people can log in to Messenger from a single device.

In addition, Facebook has begun rolling out the multiple accounts feature for Android users, however this has been limited to the United States alone. The new multiple accounts feature is likely targeted at users who share their devices within the family or friends.

“Millions of people share phones with their family and friends. Until now, there hasn’t been an easy way for people to access their individual Messenger accounts from shared devices. To address this, we’ve launched a feature on Android to enable multiple people to log in and use Messenger from a single phone,” the spokesperson added.

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