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Facebook Messenger Rolls Out ‘Photo Magic’

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With the arrival of Christmas and New Year, the world’s largest social networking service, Facebook is offering a feature called ‘Photo Magic’ that uses facial recognition to automatically share photos with friends right after you take them.

Photo Magic reminds you to send pictures you’ve taken of your friends to them. This works using the social network’s facial recognition capabilities. It recognizes which of your friends are in each photo you shoot, and then asks you to send them said pics. And you can quickly create a group thread with those friends, through which you can also share your images.

You can turn this on or off at any time through Settings, and you also control if you are recognized in the pictures your friends snap.
The feature is rolling out in Australia today on Android, with iOS to follow a few days later. It is expected to come to more countries in coming months.

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According to the social networking giant, Facebook Messenger now boast 700 million monthly users, it has become a popular way for people to share photos with friends.

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