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For Men: Three Health Challenges To Watch Out For As You Get Older

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Getting older is a wonderful privilege, don’t get it twisted. But being in your 40’s isn’t the same as being in your 20’s or 30’s.

As you get older, things tends to slow down and be different. It’s time to watch out for the health issues as the flaws only get worse with age.

If you haven’t been on the go, now is the best time to get fit and look out for your bad old habits.

Here are a few health challenges you need to watch out for in your 40’s and beyond:

1. The scary diagnosis: the risk of conditions such as heart diseases, Type-II diabetes, cancer, lung disease or stroke does increase with age. If you find out you have any of the above listed disease, you were probably very unlucky, have a genetic trait, or have really failed to look after yourself until now.

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The basic risk factors for these scary aliments are:

· Overweight or obese

· Unhealthy diet

· Excessive alcohol

· Smoking

· Lack of exercise

· If any these applies to you then it’s time to shape up.

2. Prostate cancer: This is the most common cancer in men all over the world, in 2015 alone, approximately 220,800 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer. The condition claims over 10,500 men annually.

Your prostate is a gland under your bladder, which helps produce semen. However, it can be tough sometimes. The major risk for prostate cancer are:

· Age – older men are more likely to have it.

· Family history – you’re more likely to get it if a male relation had it.

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However, it’s rare to have prostate cancer before your 50s. Also note that most prostate problems are not cancer-related but just infections that can be resolved quickly.

The best cause of treatment is early detection through regular checkups. 

3. Erectile Dysfunction: This ailment occurs to about 11% of men in their 40s and 50s. The causes of erectile dysfunction are not quite known, but lightly falls into physiological and psychological causes.

Most erectile problems in yours 40s and 50s are likely to be due to stress, anxiety or other psychological issues. The best solution is to see your doctor or probably a professional sex therapist.

Watch out for these ailments as you get older and don’t be shy to consult your doctor often.

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