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Ford Creates Drug Driving Suit To Discourage Drunk Driving

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American multinational automaker, Ford Motor Company, recently unveiled its ‘Drugged Driving Suit,’ a suit that simulates what it is like to drive while under the influence of various illegal drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, and heroin.

The suit includes light weights that go around your ankles, wrists and neck, and goggles that simulate double vision and altered field of view.

The suit simulates some of the effects of drugs, such as hand tremors and reduced coordination, distorted vision, and slower reaction times. This follows Ford’s development and use of the “Drunk Driving Suit,” which is self-explanatory.

This latest suit features headphones and goggles, ankle weights, and more. The weights serve to slow down reaction time, neck bandages restrict one’s head movements, the glasses cause flashing lights, tunnel vision, and blurred vision, and the headphones play detracting sounds.

Speaking to Reuters, Fords vehicle safety manager Paul Fay said: “The suit’s made of a number of different elements.
“So there are pads that go on the elbows and knees, which stiffen the joint and slow down reaction times. In addition to that there are large heavy weights placed on the ankles and wrists.

“These have a big effect on co-ordination and balance. On one hand there’s a device that produces a tremor and affects motor skills, and the key thing is the addition of the goggles which produce tunnel vision, with visual distortions, and random flashing lights, and finally headphones which provide audible disturbances with random noises which are very distracting when you are trying to drive.

“The suit is designed not to produce the sensation of being on drugs, but to reproduce the side effects which may have a dangerous effect on your driving.”

In summary, anyone wearing the suit will experience slower reaction time, distorted vision, and poor coordination. The goggles create tunnel vision while the headphones play random distracting sounds. Knee and elbow bandages slow limb movement, a neck brace limits head movement, while tremor generators make the hands shake uncontrollably.

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