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Google Reportedly Creating IOS Keyboard

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Google is reportedly developing a third-party keyboard for iOS, with built-in web search.

The keyboard may also have GIF and image buttons, which could tie into Google Image search.

Sources told The Verge, that the search engine company has been developing the iOS keyboard for months, however, it’s unclear if or when the company might release it.

The upcoming iOS keyboard is said to have gesture-based typing, which is also found in the Android keyboard.

The gesture-based typing feature allows users to slide their finger across letters, then the keyboard predicts the word the user is trying to type. This feature is also found in other third-party keyboards such as SwiftKey and Swipe.

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The keyboard will have a Google logo, which will give users quick access to the web search, in order to boost Google searches made on Apple’s mobile operating system.

Earlier in the year Google’s big rival Microsoft not only announced intentions to make its ‘Word Flow’ keyboard for iOS, but it also acquired SwiftKey which has arguably been the best third party keyboard on both iOS and Android for a number of years.

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