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Have You Heard This? Obasanjo Is A Very Selfish Leader – Justice Nasir

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The first Attorney-General and Minister of Justice of the defunct northern region, Justice Mamman Nasir, has dropped a bombshell: former President Olusegun Obasanjo is very selfish and a deceiver.

The elder statesman accused Obasanjo of having deceived the North with late Presient Umaru Musa Yar’Adua because he did not expect him to live beyond one year in office.

Nasir in an interview with The Sun newspaper on Saturday noted that Obasanjo could possibly have been Nigeria’s best leader but for his duplicitous nature.

“Take for an example, when late President Umar Yar’Adua was nominated to run as president, people started wondering why him when everybody knew that he had serious health challenges. But there was a motive behind his choice, es­pecially by those who wanted him there. So, they wanted to ridicule us by giving the presidency to the North. “They gave the presidency to the North hoping that Yar’Adua wouldl not last longer than one year. In fact, Umaru overstayed against those people’s wish. Soon after his death, his vice moved into the presidency in accordance with the constitution of the country.

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“But how this was created was due to political deceit by those politicians. So when you have a situation like this kind of power maneuvers, the element of corruption must be there because you need money to fight left and right.

“To me, General Obasanjo could have been one of the best leaders if not because of his selfish decision which was against national interest,” Nasir said.

Speaking further, accused President Muhammadu Buhari of harbouring corrupt people in his regime.

He said: “When the present government came to power, it gave a direction to be followed. One of these direc­tions is to fight corruption and you cannot fight corruption without getting good people. In this fight against corruption, some of the people working with Buhari as close associates are, in fact, agents of the corrupt people.

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“I said that there are some, if not many agents of the corrupt people in Buhari’s government. After all, Buhari is living in a corrupt society. Some of them working with him do not have much personal relationship apart from official. If you are reading Newspapers, there was one of the appointees of Buhari who was corrupt, but he was suspended later. Any human society you go, you cannot change people overnight especially on issues like corruption.”