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How Surgeons Removed Sword Stabbed Next To Man’s Heart (Disturbing Video)

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The man is believed to have stabbed himself in the chest with the lengthy sword, which surgeons immediately set about trying to remove from his body

This shocking video shows the moment surgeons in Spain removed a sword from a man’s chest, as it brushes past his heart. The man is believed to have stabbed himself, but survived the incident due to the expert work of medics who filmed their task.

The graphic footage shows how surgeons opened up the man’s chest to examine exactly where the sword had gone, and expertly guided it back out of his body.
Miraculously, the pointed tip of the sword had merely brushed against his heart, and can be seen touching it, though it did not penetrate the vital organ. The video shows the man’s heart, exposed and beating, as surgeons examine the damage.

His chest is seen to be held open by a four part metal contraption, which allowed the team to work on him freely. An after shot shows one of the surgeons holding the blood soaked sword, after it had been successfully removed.
It shows the full extent of the weapon which had penetrated the man’s chest.

Little is known of the man involved, but the clip was filmed on April 5 in Zaragoza, in the North Eastern region of Spain.

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