I Want To Be A Man, Nigerian Hermaphrodite Cries Out For Help

Oluwaseun Samuel Fajilade, a 29 year old Nigerian with both male and female [email protected]:’ual organs has cried out for help.

Seun, an indigene of the western Nigerian state of Ekiti is a hermaphrodite who would love to be operated upon to keep only his male organ since he’s not menstruating.

He reached reached out to online news medium SimonAtebaNews through a foundation for help.

Born on 16 March 1987 as a male, Fajilade realised that breasts began forming around his chest when he was between 12 and 15 years old.

He says finding an identity has been difficult for him because of the presence of both male and female organs He made this known through the foundation handling the case, Divine Favour Foundation, which provided photographs to SimonAtebaNews during a heartbreaking conversation.

Mr. Funmilayo said Fajilade needs financial assistance from the public for a surgical operation.



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